Konstantinos Pisios

Book Author Full Name:Konstantinos Pisios
Book Author Last Name:Pisios
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Dr. Konstantinos Pisios is a Homeopath and Specialist in Internal Medicine.
He discovered several remedies that act as the perfect simillimum offering eradication of the disease. The patient does not need another remedy in his life except the simillimum.

To avoid doubt, if someone found the simillimum for a patient or not, he appointed criteria of healing which in combination with the disease levels that he discovered show whether this is true.

His recent theory of “Continuum Homeopathy”, is rapidly gaining in popularity and promises to revolutionize Homeopathy.

More and more homeopaths incorporate his ideas into practice, with the most promising results.

These new findings he presents at seminars and conferences that he participates as a speaker worldwide.

His books show the essences and pictures of many new remedies, based in many cured cases, for example Bitis nasicornis, Vipera aspis, Macrovipera lebetina, Vipera xanthina etc.

He specialized in the US (University of California) and worked for several years in the United Kingdom.

He made his homeopathic studies in Athens, and was trained at the school of G.Vithoulkas in Alonissos. To enrich his knowledge, he attended many seminars around the world learning from the most famous homeopaths.

Dr. Pisios is a member of the Athens Medical Association (ISA), the Greek Society of Homeopathic Medicine (EEOI) and the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI).

Konstantinos Pisios